Mathematics is a way of thinking. How are you teaching your students to think?

Spatialize the learning, teach to the brain’s strength. Engage every student.

Focus on communicating through oral and written language. Make literacy skills relevant by practicing them in math, science and social studies.

Math is a language and a way of thinking. It is not a set of isolated facts and rules.

Each of the students below must be able to explain what they mean. It is during the explanation that teachers can model new vocabulary, prompt more clarity, uncover gaps and misconceptions, challenge learners to go further.

What would you ask her next?

Geri , Your materials that connect the imagery of Area models to multiplication and beyond are awesome – And so perfect for setting up the work for Junior- Senior High. Incredible alignment. This is all streamlined so beautifully. Love the flexible thinking this encourages – demands! – and the common sense approaches it develops. James Tanton, PhD

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