Engaging Learners in 21st Century Classrooms

Engaging Learners in 21st Century Classrooms

I see 5 as 2 and 3 or 3 and 2 or 4 and 1. I can move the pieces in my head. I still see 5. I can turn the 3 and slide it across so the 2 fits in it. Still 5.

No matter how I arrange the Chunkz: 2 and 3 make 5.



What would it look like if you doubled the 2 Chunk? What number would you have now?

ChunkitZ : Build Number Sense as well as Number Fluency. Kindergarten to Grade 3. YOU CAN TEACH NUMBER FACTS AS YOU TEACH THINKING AND PROBLEM SOLVING. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CHOOSE ONE ABOVE THE OTHER. Materials like ChunkitZ focus student learning on PUZZLING, the work becomes playful as students are engaged through visual and spatial perceptions.  Practice does make perfect, but thinking practice is not drill… for transferable knowledge of the “FACTS” students must understand how the facts are connected through NUMBER PROPERTIES!!!

I see 8 as 4 and 4, no wait now I see 4 and 2 and 2, no wait now I see 5 and 3.Screen shot 2013-11-13 at 5.38.15 PM

Two fours create eight (it just happens to look like a big 4). Move the 4 she has her hand on down and to the left till it fits into the other 4. Can you visualize the shape it will make? Still 8 but it will look different.


ENGAGING STUDENTS IN MATHEMATICS LEARNING IS NO DIFFERENT THAN ENGAGING THEM IN ANY LEARNING. You need to appeal to the brain’s desire to imagine, create, puzzle, compare.  Mathematics is rich and deep and aesthetically satisfying when it is taught through the senses.


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