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Math? Art? Movement? Dance? Pattern? Science? Investigate and Innovate

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Tim Bell, Michael Fellows and Ian Whitten are the inspirational trio behind COMPUTER SCIENCE UNPLUGGED. If you do a quick search you will find the material being cited by professionals and laypersons alike in a range of contexts and countries from Singapore to the UK, from New Zealand to Germany. TIM BELL is on his way to Alberta this January and as a special favour to me is going to do a variety of workshops/ seminars/ Computer Science Unplugged Public Events and school visits… I am working on the planning now.

Stay tuned or give me a call if you are interested in participating in or booking one of the events. We are looking January, between the dates of the 9th and the 22nd… with an invitational event in Banff for the weekend of the 17th. The photos attached barely do justice to the excitement that these events generate… Computational Thinking, Coding, Maker Events, Tinkering, STEM Science…

We’ve been playing with these ideas for more than 3 decades… the TIME IS NOW !!!