Computer Science Unplugged……

tim bell cups TIM BELL joined us in Calgary, Banff and GRANDE PRAIRIE. January 13 to 21, 2015 Computer Science is not a “Bandwagon” It is a critical topic our students must investigate at all grade levels. We are way beyond Game apps and PowerPoint Presentations. TEACH KIDS TO THINK. They can change the world. As the topic of “coding” and trends like “Hour of Code” rev up in the social media, take time to really investigate the topics of computational thinking and Computer Science. This is much more than sitting kids on computers for hours at a time. THE critical skills and attitudes we need our children to develop and master are learned without a computer. Coding is one small aspect of Computer Science and some of us will never need it. Yes, playing on a computer can attract attention but I am looking to build PERSEVERANCE, DISCIPLINE and CRITICAL THINKING at an intellectual level…We’ll talk more when we meet. MEANTIME Just a small taste of tasks that originate with Computer Science Unplugged and the work of Mike Fellows, Tim Bell and Ian Whitten. tim bell different sort tarp

tim's task


Sorting tarps

We follow the sorting network in jumbled order and

we are sorted

We end up sorted.

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