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Can you “see” where to make the two folds that will leave you with only yellow (only blue) showing on one side of the paper?


PAPER FOLDING Tasks have huge potential for engaging ALL students in critically important



Intellectual activities

that lead them to success with learning MULTIPLICATION and MULTIPLICATION FACTS.

Some food for thought as you prepare for 2016 and making the DIFFERENCE that will CHANGE the FUTURE for you and your students. Include time to mentally puzzle in your everyday classroom routines- EVERYDAY.



your brain

Teach your BRAIN TO SEE: Without touching paper or speaking any words, THINK through and create a set of gestures to teach someone else to successfully fold a piece of 8.5 x 11 paper into 3 equal pieces.. (You may need to resort to speaking as you build your plan. But be prepared to teach the skills without using any oral language.)




PAPER FOLDING links to learning to think in ways that are opening the door to solutions to complex social, scientific, economic and political problems .



Who would have believed, when we were folding snowflakes in Grade one, the potential for lifelong success in learning mathematics to the highest levels was right on our fingertips.

SO WHAT HAS THIS TOPIC GOT TO DO WITH MULTIPLICATION AND BASIC FACTS???? I will start my answer tomorrow…. today, try my puzzle. Video yourself teaching someone else to fold in 3, using only gesture and send it to me: