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NCTCA Convention was a BLAST…. Lots of excited people, lots of ideas, lots of engagement. Next up PAllISER CONVENTION and Calgary parent nights.

The presentation materials are posted on my front page for those who want samples…. Also look under the thinkerings heading in my menu….how about these fives

Visual Spatial REASONING is the missing link to moving from Pre Literacy, Pre Numeracy to Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Language ARTS.

clear your work spaceTinkering is a way of thinking and learning… It is not a TABLE at the back or a special event on Fridays… DO NOT LET THE MAKER MOVEMENT be a fad or add on. Let’s get into REAL LEARNING, WITH REAL SCIENCE, MATH AND SOCIAL STUDIES THEMES AT THE HEART.

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TEACH KIDS TO THINK, they will learn and remember when they have the POWER to REASON.

If then statements are reasoning statements, every child is capable.

Transforming things in your head is reasoning, every child is capable…

DOES YOUR SCHOOL HAVE A PLAN THAT PROVIDES FOR A FOCUS ON REASONING AND THINKING TO DEVELOP RIGHT ALONGSIDE SKILLS AND CONTENT KNOWLEDGE.  It is not just “doing” , “making”, “coding”. It is teaching students how to learn, how to improve, how to become powerful thinkers, reasoners and problem solvers as they IMPROVE their skills and BUILD their knowledge. FACTS do matter, CONTENT is important but only if students know how to use and apply it.

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The link to Austen’s Butterfly is on my Front Page….