Hundred Grids

Just say noChange your focus from “chart” to “grid” and watch student learning100 grid increase!





The “hundred grid” is a quick visual for 10 x 10.  It can be used to demonstrate:

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two digit numbers                                                                                                   33   =   3 tens, 3 ones =   30 + 3                                                                                (3×10)+3  or (3×10)+(3×1)

mental facts        33 is 67 less than 100                                                                                            17 less than 50


inverse relationships                                                                                                                                                 If  33+67=100  then 100-67=33          If 67+33=100   then 100-33=67

The hundred grid can be used for practicing and remembering the sequence of “NUMBERS TO 100”. Not memorized in one POSITION, but truly learned and practiced by puzzling about how the numbers have been ordered in the grid.

   Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 11.09.36 AMScreen Shot 2016-03-26 at 11.05.49 AMNow where 100

For each of the grids above, can you determine the order I used to record the sequence? Are any of my numbers in the wrong place? Where will 100 appear?

   The hundred grid is also used for “MULTIPLICATION”                                          EXPLAIN the placement of numbers in the grid below.

Now I am multiplying

This grid becomes the timestable.


As we move into DECIMALS & PERCENT, the “hundred grid” represents one and the mental imagery is scaled down to describe, explain and CONNECT tenths and hundredths to tens and hundreds.


Interview Bralyn 6-3

SPATIAL REASONING is a key skill that when applied to the learning of math concepts and facts can increase achievement for every student…..

The images above are developed and connected across a range of mathematical concepts in order to teach in ways that prompt, promote and practice spatial reasoning skills. Please, in primary, do not restrict the hundred grid to one image of 100 as a CHART. Give students empty grids and expect them to puzzle and think and REASON.



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