Learn to remember? Remember to learn?




Green manI hear adults says kids do not “know” or “remember” or “recall” but I wonder when we actually actively engage in teaching them how to learn, how to know they are learning, and how to remember what they supposedly learned. Do you agree with the statement below?


Dr. Barbara Oakley, A Mind for Numbers, “unless you can prove that the material is moving into your brain by recalling the main ideas without looking at the page: you are not learning.”


Active engagement in your own learning. The teacher’s role is to make sure kids know they are learning … sometimes it is just the exercise of learning itself. So you engage students by having them tell you how they are going to accomplish “learning this”. Make it a challenge, a puzzle to solve… you will be amazed at the difference in attitude and ability….


What is this girl telling me about the task I gave her? About her current knowledge, ability to learn, preferences for tasks, tools and contexts that support learning? About her knowledge of herself as a learner? Maddie 7


And more important what am I going to do as a teacher to prompt more learning and more self awareness for this student? How do I keep her engaged in her own learning?