Teaching math just as procedures….

This is how too many students respond when we ask them to create their own problems. No understanding, no knowledge and no confidence.Grade 4 student reflection

This is Grade 4… Where will this student be by Grade 6? The research says we never fill the gaps… I say because we still refuse to attend to what we know now to be true: VISUAL, SPATIAL, TEMPORAL REASONING matters….. especially in math. The numbers make sense when you learn to build them, compare them and then image them as related parts and wholes….

If this student had imagery for number and words, she would make sense of the problem, then be able to set up a mental image for what has to happen with the numbers. She still might make a computational error but she would at least understand what the problem is actually asking her to figure out. I cover this in Thinking 101, place value 101…. book a session, workshop or private tutoring session… You will be amazed at how quickly we can turn this student ON, by engaging her in the learning.

I will be all over the province this year, join me for a day of learning…..