Literature Links SWATCA 2017

My definition of length includes this understanding expressed by Outhred:

   a measure of a line segment that is unaffected by changing the orientation of the line.

While the Alberta Program of Studies seem to suggest otherwise the following are all measures of lengths:

height, depth, width, perimeter, circumference, distance around, distance across

Rather than keeping these ideas separate, in a THINKING101 approach to learning sort these different ideas under one big category. LENGTH. 

These are all measures of length. Can you determine why I chose to show them? What would I discuss with students if I used these in a lesson plan?
whats-wrong-with-this-measure3-fit-one-way-and-4-fit-the-otherdreaming upmath is thinking

Me and kidsfolding-the-edge-to-be-straight

king-hugo-huge-egoKing Hugo’s Huge Ego is one way to start an investigation into body ratios and measuring. The King loves to boast and brag and talk about himself. But he mistreats the wrong villager one day and she puts a spell on him so that the more he brags and boasts, the larger his head grows.

In fact it grows so big, he falls off the castle…


This imagery started me thinking, I wonder how big my head is…. So I got a piece of adding machine tape and measured to see…. what does it mean to measure? What can I measure with the length of the circumference of my head as the tool? How can I extend this investigation into literacy, numeracy, mathematics and science?king-rolling

Here are some notes to organize a measuring lesson prompted by King Hugo’s head. ideas-for-forehead-measure.  This gives you a “taste” of the materials that I will be sharing with participants at Summer Institutes this year.

 If you do not have the book you can still capture part of the story… and use pictures from google images to hook students.


Here’s a powerpoint literacy-presentation-swatca-2017 to give you ideas on using Literature.  King Hugo is a source of inspiration for developing word skills, vocabulary for improving writing, fun with rhyming words. Might even prompt a study of medieval times… is the book fairy tale and fiction or does it contain some accuracy to describe life in the past?

Yes, Hugo was a cocky king-as boastful as could be.

To him no other person was as wonderful as he.

He made his subjects bow to him whenever he was nigh.

It pleased him to look down on them each time that he went by.

flying frogs