Summer Institutes 2017:

Finding Common Ground:


Thinking101 Institutes are dedicated to fuelling the evolution. Every summer, every session deepens the connections between Numeracy, Literacy, Science and Math. The ARTS are INFUSED throughout, a little or a lot. An approach teaching and assessing that values- no prizes visual/temporal spatial reasoning is the BASIC SKILL for learning, anything even MATH FACTS!

This summer my new word is INFOGRAPHICS. The topic is huge and all encompassing. Making sense of the mathematics that is all around us, often used to influence us, often used to bias our decisions. Infographics refers to an approach to actively, deliberately teaching students to connect  and communicate the development of their literacy, numeracy and critical thinking skills through the use of graphics based artifacts. STEM, STEAM with a focus on learning to think, not a focus on making products.

Over the next few weeks I will share samples to demonstrate the breadth and scope of using INFOGRAPHICS as the organizer for curriculum. Here is one:

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 8.06.39 AMScreen Shot 2017-04-25 at 8.05.56 AM

As a class we looked for connections between the problem told orally and the diagram this student created to share her solution. Here is what we came up with through that discussion. We can now use the information on the diagram to re write the problem or to improve our own solutions.we did

or to start building the number relationships that will support the kind of number practice Grade twos need to constantly engage in. Do you understand this table that we created from information in the picture?the table

Can you make a t table? Here is a different problem. Build a t table to show some solutions.

My dad gave me 12 nails. He said I had to let my sister hammer more than 6 into the wood.

How many could I let her hammer? How many will I get to hammer?