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Summer Institutes 2017:

Finding Common Ground:


Thinking101 Institutes are dedicated to fuelling the evolution of learning that is teaching. Every summer, every session deepens the connections between Numeracy, Literacy, Science and Math. The ARTS are INFUSED throughout, a little or a lot. An approach to teaching and assessing that values- no prizes visual/temporal spatial reasoning is an approach that includes EVERY LEARNER, EVERY CULTURE, EVERY BACKGROUND.

It embodies and encompasses a holistic world view, a holistic learning view… we all share the gift of coming to know as a body mind connection… Visual models can bridge any gap be it:  Literacy, Numeracy, Remembering or Recall.

Infographics is more than reading graphs and organizing data. It is an approach that makes connections and patterns burst forward as students discuss and COMPARE.

The focus is thinking and comparing: the teacher role is to prompt, probe, prod…. immerse students in the vocabulary, shape and mould the pathway from seeing and experiencing through thinking and doing to understanding the conventions of the discipline. We do not start from memorizing symbols and rules… but we can certainly end up with understandings of the symbols and rules.

How does this:knot 12

Link to this:


And to this?:Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 10.22.38 AM


And to this?robotic-assembly-line


Or to this:Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 10.12.16 AM


The only way to face the future is together, another one jumps the cavern

the only way to survive the future is to evolve… Join the EVOLUTION…..