Spatial Reasoning=Math Success

Study the power of visual spatial reasoning to impact student success in math and science.

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The materials, year plans, lessons and BERCS CARDS  I am sharing at this Summer’s Institutes are designed around visual spatial models that support and sustain attention to the development of reasoning and problem solving skills AS, not after,  students learn, study, & practice in order to efficiently RECALL FACTS.



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Isolated practice with individual facts does not generate success with reasoning and problem solving. Facts memorized in isolation lack meaning and so are easily mixed up or even forgotten. Students resort to finger counting when under pressure.


As you preview BERCS materials some imagery will pop out at you. Rectangular arrays are everywhere….Student BERCS Sheet

Part whole relationships abound

What covered cardsIf then rods


Imagery linked to symbols prompts and sustains recall.

Cool Fractions eighteenths


Student practice is tailored to meet their current physical, emotional and academic levels of development. The cards provide a range of challenges to allow students to progress toward mastery.

BERCS Cards are supported by a variety of practice pieces. Oral and written.

more WC WSBERCS cards provide you ready made, differentiated independent practice centres. All you do is choose a method or medium through which students will  communicate their learning.









Students can work in pairs or alone. They can use all the cards or just a few.File folder dots


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Decimal Numberlines