Effective Instruction is built on COMPARE

Sitting in chairsWays of Knowing, Knowing Ways: Whitecourt 2017

JULY 10 to 14

Effective instruction encourages students to match, sort, classify and COMPARE. Thinking begins from these simple skills.

As you introduce a new concept be thoughtful. If we only allow one way to build, one way to explain, one way to represent we narrow INTEREST, ENGAGEMENT, UNDERSTANDING and ABILITY.

We make it simple cause we think we are helping. Quite the opposite, we are removing the most important component of learning. COMPARE, describe, explain, discuss, adjust, refine, come to consensus. Once students are willing to engage in learning, you can teach them anything.sorting words for place value

We sorted words. This represents a sort. Do you see any reason for the sort as it sits? Look very closely. Using the words, seeing, saying, spelling them is a critical literacy connection. Students cannot understand a concept they cannot communicate around. Knowing and using the language matters.




CONSIDER AND COMPARE THE STUDENT RESPONSES BELOW. We were identifying the equivalence of one tenth to ten hundredths.  Each representation contributes to part of the understanding.  But what is still missing?

My goal as a teacher is to help students see the connections before we decide how we will as a class represent decimal fractions.


tenths to hundredthstenth hundredth