B.E.R.C.S. Cards

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head in sandBERCS is instuctional goal

The BERCS cycle is simply a way to remember and apply the components of effective teaching. When shared with your students, they learn to share the responsibility for, and develop personal practice goals around, becoming more competent and accomplished learners. They know how to learn for recall. They know why they need to learn for recall.

BERCS in circle

B.E.R.C.S is a highly spatial model. Spatial skills are the skills for “doing” and “remembering”. That is what makes them so important to include in your teaching. Thinking and reasoning are spatially grounded skills. Your brain begins from the spatial…. then develops the language to explain.




Teachers plan with BERCS in mind:

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Students Practice with BERCS in mind


BERCS cards can be used as:

  • task centres in a guided math classroom.

  • one on one practice with an adult or peer

  • opener tasks to engage ALL learners

  • exit cards to check ability and understanding

  • assessment cards

  • springboards to lesson

  • daily paired practice to build RECALL FLUENCY


PARENTS:  BERCS cards provide parents with engaging tasks for practising important content. We need to teach our kids to think, not tell them they have to. Show them how and practice with them.


Practise does matter. BERCS cards connect thinking and practice so that students actually remember and transfer the learning.