Fractions: BERCS CARDS

Fractions are equal parts of wholes. The whole can be a single unit (or object)This set of cards contains images of the whole as one unit cut into equal parts. Students identify the one, the fractional parts, compare with peers and use paper folding to find other ways to represent the same fraction.

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Fractions as parts of SETS:

Fractions as parts of sets, the one might be one herd or one deck of cards. The whole represents more than just the number oe.. These puzzle cards prompt diagramming, reasoning and connect multiplication, division and fractions together.

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 Cuisenaire  rods provide a unique opportunity to physically relate multiplication units to fractional parts of numbers.

Compare to build EQUIVALENCE.

Students are encouraged to “see” fractional parts inside other fractional parts. As they note which fractions are related, they develop lists of related fractions. The patterns that emerge can help them to construct conceptual understandings of how equivalent fractions are related. This set of cards has 2 related fractions on each card.

Compare Fractions

This set of BERCS cards is about seeing how fractional parts can be related when you break a fraction into equal pieces. Equivalent fractions.

This set of cards challenges students to see fractions inside fractions without all the parts showing.