Multiplication/Division Cards

These are some of the BERCS cards for practicing multiplication, division, number properties. The cards are all designed to prompt thinking and reasoning and use of the commutative and distributive properties. Division is an inverse of multiplication, therefore I have division built into many of the decks as well.

In all cases, this is not just get the answer. Students are expected to show the sets of equations that support getting to the product or finding the missing factor or quotient.


I have prepared two books of black line masters with task sheets to give more practice. The books are $30 each and I send you the pdf to download.



BERCS DECKS: There are 36 cards in a deck. They come laminated for $12 a set.

B Cards Multiply Page 1

BCards Multiply Page 2

B Cards Multiply page 3

Page 4 Feb 2018 B Cards multiply

I also have cards that I use for 2 digit multiplication practice:

And cards to work with division.