Multiplication/Division Cards

My work with multiplication and division focuses on REASONING with equal groups or units, arranged into arrays that build visual memory and recall skills. The number properties are the key to practicing number facts and computation skills. They are embedded in all my tasks with multiplication. 

Students can not learn to divide if they do not know and understand how to work with a range of multiplication facts. Repeated subtraction is NOT DIVISION. It shuts down thinking and understanding in favour of just get to an answer. 

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The idea of determining what is missing in a relationship links to multiplication and 2 digit puzzlesdivision as well.

I see 90 * ? = 7200.

I know 90 * 80 = 7200 so 80 is one of the factors missing.

80 * 90 = 7200 therefore

7200 ÷ 90 = 80

ONCE students have a connected understanding of how area models support learning and remembering multiplication and division facts this deck puts emphasis on using what you know about multiplication to solve what appear to be division problems…


Does this distribution apply to the card above?

Demonstrate with a proof.








Below is a listing of the currently available BERCS CARDS.

There are 36 cards in a deck. They come laminated for $12 a set.




Multiply pg 1

Multiply page 2

Multiply page 3

Multiply page 4

Multiply page 5


Multiply page 6


The BERCS cards for multiplication are supported by 2 Multiplication Books which contain a variety of ideas and sheets for individual and group practice. Each is available to you as a pdf to download. Each book retails for 39.95. Order through Geri:


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