Chrysanthemum Problems

This power point will give you ideas for how to use the book to develop a variety of math concepts. It hits all the foundations we want to consider: Pattern, Sorting, Problem Solving, Number, Measurement.   Primary Ideas for Chrysanthemum


I sorted all the names in the book 2 different ways:

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 2.44.07 PM



Chrys names graph

Students trying to sort names from the book according to number of letters.

compare chrys

Comparing the length of your name to Chrysanthemum.


Chrys 6

A student solution. He matched blocks to the letters and got rid of the strips.


Chrys 1


Chrys 2

Interesting she found her name inside. What would she do if all the letters of her name were not there?


Chrys 3

Love to see this kind of strategy. A student solution to show other students.