Chunk itZ

Chunk Kinder not accurate


Chunk itZ are about “knowing” number to 10. This comes before 10 frames… Work with 10 frames comes once students are ready to build relationships around 10. First they need recognition of the collections. Nine is 5+4 or 6+3 or 7+2. These expressions are all related because they are all ways to describe 9.




10 – 1 = 9 is an equation that requires knowledge of 10. It is not a way to describe 9. It is the result of operating on 10.

I never ever encourage putting bingo chips or blocks on the ten frame. That encourages counting by ones. One to one correspondence does not require counting by ones.

USE THE CHUNK ITZ to build each number 6 to 10. Practice relating to the collections and the expressions.


Build a puzzle for 8. Can you see these expressions in it? Can you show me where using the Chunk pieces.

I started with a 2. Look at the different ways I can figure what’s missing to 8.

8 = 2 + what???? It could be 3 and 3,  4 and 2,   5 and 1,  just 6

Find 8&9 in chunkI repeated the task with 9.