ChunkitZ Intro

Links in red are power points or pdfs you can download.

Titles in blue are titles to organize the materials.

These power points are intended to add support for teachers. You may wish to use some of the pictures and slides with your students but keep in mind I did not create them thinking you would show them beginning to end and expect students to read and follow them.

If you find what you believe to be errors in the text I would appreciate a quick note so that I can make adjustments. I offer these materials to support your work with using the Chunk- itz. I ask that you respect my work and not share copies with others unless they have purchased the Chunk itZ. Thanks.


Download the Chunk itZ Book: Part One below

ChunkitZ Book: Introduce and Build to Five: Gr 1&2

Kindergarten can use all year.

BEFORE YOU PRINT: Take a look through the file.  The introductory pages contain lots of colour pictures.  The puzzles and work sheets are black and white. Be careful when printing any of the puzzles. Make just one copy and check the size with your Chunk pieces as the photocopier sometimes slightly adjusts the size.

The  Power Points below help you develop the initial ideas of Chunk itZ. As you read them follow along in the materials book to see how the support materials connect. I do not intend all of the slides to be shown to students. Pick and choose which are appropriate. I create the ppts to give teachers ideas.

1.) Here’s where to start:

Build knowledge & trust for  2 and 3  Dots. 

Power Point One: #1 Introduce Dots 2-3 Aug 2019

Introduce 2 and 3 as dot collections. Build vocabulary to support all future tasks. Two and three are the building blocks for NUMBER.

2.) Now introduce the ChunkitZ for 2 and 3.

Power Point #2:  #1 ChunkitZ introduce 2-3 Aug 2019

Trace 2 and 3 CI

Introduce by tracing and puzzling. Build key physical and mental skills to prepare students to learn.  Developing perseverance, focus, confidence alongside reasoning with number space and shape.

3.)Building number sense:

Students reason and puzzle with double and triple 2s and 3s. This introduces 4, 6 and 9 but only as big ideas. We are not developing all the equations for them, just a number sense.

Power Point #3 Chunk doubles

Two threes, 3 twos for Chunk 6
I can make this puzzle with 2 threes or with 3 twos. It must be 6. Now I see 4 and 2 inside.

This work continues to build and refine spatial skills as students create puzzles. Connections are built between 2s, 4s, and 6s and between 3s, 6s and 9s. This is not about “number facts”, it is about building NUMBER SENSE and REASONING skills. 

There are puzzles to print in the Introduction Book

The support materials included in the Chunk itZ Books support Kindergarteners and Grade ones at a range of abilities for weeks of centre time and independent practice.

4.) Introduce Make & TRUST 5 in Dot Collections.

#4 Make and find 5 in Dots 2019

Linking back to dot collections. This powerpoint supports building  5 in dot collections to prepare students to build 5 in Chunk itZ.

5 equal puzzle

5.) TRUST 5 with Chunk itZ 

Power Point #5 Subitize 5 Chunkz UPDATE 01/01/19

Make 5 with Chunk itZ.

Another five in Chunkz
Is this a 5 puzzle? How would you prove?

6.) Double Fives: 

Students make puzzles with double 5 pieces. These tasks continue to build foundations for proportional reasoning, skill with fine motor, visual spatial reasoning as students see in side the puzzles and build a FIRM perceptual base for later work with 10. The focus is not equations. The focus is on a “SENSE of tenness” as 2 fives. This is not memorizing facts to 10. Astute students will also “play” with combination of twos and threes to make 2 fives. 

Power Point#6  Double 5s



Developing number sense and number facts for 6 to 10

Download the materials book Chunk Book 6 to 10 2019

These tasks now develop number from 6 through 10.  I encourage teachers to spend time on 6 and 7 and really build a rich understanding of the expressions before moving to equations. As you work with Chunk itZ connect and combine work with dot collections. (See Dot Collection Book for more)

The notes part 2 begin with 6 and ideas for developing six. There is a range of material intended to meet a range of needs.

7.) Knowing Six  PowerPoint #7 Learn 6

8.) Knowing Seven Build Seven ChunkitZ 2019

9.) Knowing 8

10.) Knowing 9

11.) Knowing 10

12.) Move beyond 10

Use Chunk itZ to focus on spatial reasoning and building the Shape and Space concepts. Shape and Space Concepts with ChunkitZ