Decimal Cards



Develop decimal number sense by connecting the imagery of the area model to the imagery of the number line.

Compare decimal fractions using words, fraction notation and decimal notation.

Build imagery through words and pictures before going to manipulating symbols.

When students understand place value, they do not need misconceptions like “lining up” to add or subtract.


Place Value 1000




BERCS CARDS engage students in PRACTICE that require them to apply and explain mathematical reasoning as they build fact RECALL. That thinking and reasoning needs to become automatic, which means teachers take an active role as students are practicing. Teachers challenge students to try another one but this time hold more pieces in their minds. Do it mentally, write less, think more until the procedure becomes automatic.

BERCS Decimal Visuals allow students to see the proportional differences as they read and write decimals to the thousandth.

42 hundredths, 3 thousandths 0.423 4 tenths, 2 hundredths, 3 thousandths 423 thousandths



Decimal BERCS Cards



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Decimal Resource Book

Chapter One deals with tenths and hundredths.