Why Dot Collections?

The hand out below describes the skill of subitizing. Share with colleagues and parents.

Number Sense begins with the ability to automatically identify and describe quantities to 10.

I see 7 things, I know 7 = 5 + 2 and 4 + 3 and 6 + 1. They are all linked and I can explain how. I can explain because I see in my mind.

The Dot Collection Book contains a variety of practice pages and tasks to support students in building a strong and lasting recall for number to 10. That recall includes “knowing” the “facts”.

The materials are sequenced to lead students through a progression of number sense components. The work begins with quantity recognition, NOT making equations. Not writing additions and subtractions.

I see 4 + 2

Understanding the additive composition of each number forms the foundation for LIFELONG success with ALL math.


What’s Covered Tasks

I see 4 dots but the card says 6.
How many are covered?
How do you know?
The card says 10, but I only see 6. How many are covered? How do you know?