Dots Collections

Subitize 1Dot Collection are a simple, efficient way to support students as they practice their ability to subitize. The intent is to focus on building a “sense” for what the number symbols mean. 

Read about Subitizing. Two Pager Subitize 

Page 3 dot 6

       Why would I tell a student what the total is?

Because the goal is to build  immediate recognition and automatic response about the parts that make the whole. The child is not discovering what the answer is, the child is being told so now he or she invests thinking and energy in finding the parts and linking them to the whole. This is not fill in the blanks to practice answers. This is learning what numbers represent and how they are related. “Number Sense” before number facts. The facts will become automatic.

Why would I use 2 colour collection cards to build automatic recognition of number?

Pink Blue Dots

I need to know if the colours are a distractor. Eight is eight, no matter what I make it from or what colours I use. Can you see beyond the pink and blue? If this is 8 dots then it is also 2 and 6 dots or five and three dots or 4 + 4dots. The ability to flexibly name numbers is foundational to building long term RECALL of facts.

Her 2 is backwards on 5 + 2

pink blue 4

Sheets like the example above are in the Dot Collection Book

Below is a list of the Cards I use that support students learning how to use their ability to subitize to build their automatic recall of number facts. There is a Dot Collection Book to support using these cards. It sells for $59 and contains a wide variety of individual and group practice sheets.



circle 5 and express

Dot Collection 7

I see 6 + 1, 5 + 2, 4 + 3, 3 + 3 + 1. This is 7