EDEL Readings


Important Reads:

This brief is from the Chicago group. Excellent food for thought

Research and Practice review-math

What is number sense and how do we approach it with our teaching:

Number Sense Faulkner

Do not agree with it all but a good read:

Developing the big ideas of number



Nora Newcombe: Spatial Reasoning and Curriculum Seeing Relationships Newcombe

Another Newcombe article on the importance of spatial reasoning:   Picture This

This document was on the EDEL 316 site so you may already have it. Ontario Document on Spatial Reasoning Ontario Spatial Reasoning

This book highlights current research with many contributors from Canada involved. Brent Davis is at U of Calgary. I am willing to lend out my copy. I will order for library.




The Cover above is this document:   Spatial ability handbook copy of introduction

Despite its age this publication is quite insightful and a reminder that these are not new understandings. It takes us forever in education to pay attention to what we are learning in research about learning.

An article about Order of Operations    order-of-operations-the-myth-and-the-math

Spatial Reasoning with Appendix 2


Great tasks, problems and thinking. Anything and everything on the NRich website. https://nrich.maths.org


Susan Lamon writes everything you need to know and understand about Fractions. If you plan to teach Junior high I highly recommend because it is filled with examples and tasks. Again I am willing to lend out mine. Very practical and hands on.


Despite its age this article by JJ Greenwood is still so highly relevant. Again it was on the EDEL 316 site so you may have read it . Read it again. He really helps to make sense of process as a part of the learning and how you might include students in the assessment of their own understanding.   JJ Greenwood

This article is written by a colleague and friend in Australia. Chris is from the Torres Islands and the only person in his culture to obtain a PhD in mathematics. His life’s passion is to make mathematics accessible to his culture. Timely and relevant, a first nation’s perspective on learning mathematics. Maths as storytelling


George Gadanadis is a friend and colleague at Western University. He has a number of passions one of which involves the Arts, poetry and story in math. The math is deep and rich and for young children. His materials and website are quite phenomenal. http://researchideas.ca/mathperformance.html

George’s work continues to evolve and he is now interested in computational thinking a hot topic that many are reducing to the trendy word “coding” and boxing up for more surface level trite. If you are curious take a look and listen    http://imaginethis.ca/