Sort Samples

The sort below is barely begun. The student is exploring options and ended up changing after seeing class work. While it is much more work, exemplary sorts will not have big clumps of outcomes stuck together simply because they are in that order in the math curriculum… There will be evidence that you have considered which outcomes may connect across units, concepts and topics.

Below you can see the student left space to be able to connect and add notes during class and after. It is evident there is a clear attempt to make sense after the initial read. Consider not gluing but just taping things down until you have an order established.

re arrange the order

Again, this student is just getting started, trying to decide what to do with all the outcomes. They are still in a big chunk which restricts understanding. When you read each outcome separately you are forced to think more carefully about why it might be important enough to have its own number and sentence.
not meeting expectations gr 1

Science Looks different but I should still see evidence of analysis, synthesis, careful attempts to understand what the big ideas are.
sci more

science sort

more science

The sorts below are demonstrations of the effort, time and reflection that some students put into this work. If you are someone who wants to know how you go above expectations, this is what some of that work looks like. Of course whatever is connected, whatever is included in the notes and stickies must reflect analysis and critical thinking about how things connect, what big ideas are, instructional strategies, front matter etc. How it looks is just the start and some look very messy when they are complete because it is about the thinking, not the pretty colours.

science sort notes added

notes added in and after class

math sort item by item