Grande Prairie August 20 to 24

Registration is still open:

Location:  Grande Prairie College  Room L229

Parking is free. Tim Horton on campus is open 10 to 3.

Enter through the doors on far west of building. Last set of doors as you come in staircase is on your right. (Fine Arts and PE wing).

Monday to Wednesday we focus on the Basics for Number sense needed to be successful with ideas like addition and subtraction, measurement, place value. They include basic thinking skills that develop from sorting tasks and what is appropriate in sorting.

Wednesday to Friday we make the changeover to how additive reasoning MUST give way to Multiplicative and proportional reasoning.  This is what is stopping kids from success with multiplication, division, place value, fractions, decimals and measurement work.

In a concept based approach to curriculum, additive and multiplicative reasoning are critical components of any approach to number and number facts at any grade. You can keep it simple and still teach for depth. This summer’s work will preview the approach our revised curriculums are taking: Concept Based Curriculum.

Learn how to focus your planning and assessment on the Essential Understandings!!! Be ahead of the curve. Match and mine outcomes in the ALBERTA curriculum!!

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