Grande Prairie, August 2017

Commit before July 15 and enjoy the Anniversary Rate of $375 for 3 days, $550 for all 5 days… Through 16 consecutive years of Summer Institutes, the learning continues…..

Join us this year and meet Erik Stern: One of the Two Guys Who Dance Math


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The Teaching Evolution continues as we study ways to reach and teach every learner. The big ideas connect across the grades and this summer, in the afternoon break outs, participants will work from a Grade specific year at a glance document that has beendo do bird designed to capture the big ideas for mathematics at each grade & connect them to Literacy/ Numeracy, science, socials and the ARTS. Each grade level document includes tasks, projects and problems, links to other grades, to other subjects and indicators to use when assessing evidence of learning.  

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To celebrate year 16, participants will enjoy a special rate reduction if they register before August 1, 2017. Scroll to the middle of the registration page to see the EARLY BIRD RATE is $375 for 3 days.

Location: Grande Prairie Regional College.

Register for 3 days or 5.

August 21, 22, 23: The first 3 days focus on early numeracy, and a focus on the concepts that build from Kindergarten to Grade 3.  Let’s prevent the Numeracy Gap before it begins. Let’s bridge the existing gap by infusing our teaching with thinking, reasoning, visual spatial tools that connect ALL students to their learning.   Teach your students how to learn, how to remember and recall, how to relate the facts they are learning so that they actually know & can do more with less effort. Students at all grades need to be taught, not just told how to learn to “remember and recall”. 

August 23, 24, 25: We must bridge the numeracy gap as students move from primary to intermediate. From grade 3 to grade 7 we must focus our students on proportional thinking and multiplicative reasoning. One of the reasons students struggle so much with multiplication facts is because we do not teach them to think multiplicatively, we tell them to remember facts. If you do not understand multiplication as more than a set of facts, you cannot learn fractions, place value, decimals with confidence. But Grade 4 to 7 is much more than just some facts: measurement, data management, geometry. Integrate them all through infographics .

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You can pay on line using VISA or download the form and mail payment to Thinking101 Box 443 Debolt AB T0H 1B0. Concerns?