Ten Frames Tasks


more two ten frames

Expect students to translate their solutions to blocks to show you the proof. So how will you model the original 2 frames? I would put out this. Remember I store my blocks in fives and always try to think 5 to get started any number.8+6=10+4


Can you see the equalities inside my collection? Show me where you see 8 + 6. Now how is that related to 10 + 4. Challenge students to see they are both in the same collection.

Build a second collection and show how it breaks apart to demonstrate 10 + 4. Colour is a distractor here. Do not let colour distract you.

Adding two Ten Frames powerpoint. Green squares. Practice 2 ten frames Watch me first.

More frames to practice adding 2 numbers. FlashMath with 2 ten frames


What will you do with this one?

Two ten frames