Shape and Space


Start the year with shape and space:

Students are willing to engage in tasks that allow them to trace, cut, construct with play dough or paper.Grade one tracing objects



Kinder prisms

Investigate 3D objects. Start with cylinders. Give everyone a soup can to start. Describe, trace, compare to objects in the real world. (see the ppt below).  Then move to rolls from toilet tissue or paper towels. These are interesting because they have no “faces” top and bottom. You can still trace them and if you like cut out the circles.

Build lists of vocabulary to refer to all year. Describe 3D objects and 2D shapes. Steer students toward important vocabulary that will support their success across mathematics. As students provide vocabulary write it on word cards and keep them posted in the classroom. When you want students to pattern refer them to words on the list as their choices for attributes they might identify for the elements of their pattern.


We looked at this card.

v, h, v, whats different

vertical horizontal pointing down pointing left pointing up

We drew out these words

horizontal, vertical, pointing up, pointing down, pointing left




Now use one of them as the “rule” for a sort and make a 3 element core.


We looked at this card.

Pattern core 3 elements


We drew out these words:

triangle, square, 4 sides, 3 sides, vertices, sides, orange, green, taller than, shorter than, on the ground, off the ground, above, below, beside


Two students create this pattern using one of the descriptors:little men on ground off