Grande Prairie 2017-18


The Literacy Numeracy Connection: Grade Specific Workshops for Kindergarten through Grade 6

These workshops focus on ALBERTA curriculum. Ways to infuse literacy and numeracy into everything…. while still “covering” curriculum. Ways to make the learning last. Ways to teach students how to learn to remember by teaching them how to monitor, regulate and improve their thinking.Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 4.19.19 PM

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Grade One:

Sign up for one or both:  October 4 & February 6

Grade Two:

Sign up for one or both:  October 3 & February 1

Grade Three:

Sign up for one or both:  October 4 & February 2

Grade Four/Five:

Sign up for one or both:  November 1 & February 15

Grade Six:

Sign up for one or both:  November 2 & February 16

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NUMBER SENSE is COMMON SENSE: Just the facts M’am.

Techniques and tools for teaching students to think, reason and problem solve as they learn to remember and recall FACTS. Change your thinking, change the world.brain_getting_an_idea_hg_clr

Wan’ em to learn, teach’ em to remember.

This workshop will provide participants with a common sense approach to developing a year long plan at each of the grade levels to support consistent  attention to building the reasoning and remembering skills required for recall of  what we like to call “basic” addition and subtraction facts for numbers to 10, to 20, to 100.

Looking for ideas to support your math centres? independent learners? differentiation? guided math planning? You will get them here!