Grade 1 & 2 Workshops

Make each number to ten with bingo chips, Chunk itz and blocks. Compare. All the expressions for each number are there.


Play with 8 dots

dot collection 4

spatial 7 dot collection

Draw what you saw.

Dot Coll 5

 Dot Collections Aug 2018

Compare expressions as equal before addition facts.

8 chips

How is 5+3 related

The images above link to making sense of 5 + 3 = 6 + 2

Block snap 8

We can translate the image to the blocks:

Can you still find   5 + 3 = 6 + 2?

When you use the ten frames as a referent is the focus on 8? Or is the focus on 10? Students need to relate 8 to 10 but do they have number sense for 8?  Can they use the frame to RELATE the parts in 8?

ten frame 8


Translate the concept to Chunk itZ. Now how do you see 8 and its parts? I started at 2 and made 8.

8 puzzle chunk



Use the diagrams to map your expressions.

Chunk expressions



Work with Inverses

If you think students have number to 7 you can start introducing inverses, but be careful. If you see finger counting, they are not ready.  Flip cards get the thinking started.

I would “play with” flip cards as an oral task before I went to the What’s Covered Cards.

Put the 6 back down on flip card


Lift 6 to see 3 flip






Flip cards


This powerpoint will help you introduce What’s Covered.  WC Cards get Started 2019

WC 5 to 7



WC for 19


I would not use this card unless students have automatic recognition of quantity. So I see 5 and 6 on outside which is 11 because I know 5+5 and I know 6+6 and it is one more or one less. So the card is asking me the difference between 11 and 19. I know it is 8 because 11 + 8 = 19 therefore I could write 19 – ? = 8  and then 19 – 11 = 8





Introducing Equal is a foundation that should come before equations.

Equal dot to chunk

SORTING TASKS focus on logic, not answers.

Me at board

What does not belong?

Sorting by 2 attributes is a foundation for all that is to come.

Sorting forms the basis for flexible thinking.

Attributes describe objects.


Grade 2 Glance

My year at a glance puts thinking skills first. Use them in a variety of contexts. Leave number to wait. IMAGE QUANTITY….


Grade 2 Glance 2

Assess 1&2

Assess grade 2


Moving to Teens

Strategy for 2 Ten frames ppt Updated 2 ten frames August 12 2018

FlashMath with 2 ten frames



more two ten frames