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Fractions warm ups Nov 17


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Session One PPT:

Supporting Strugglers PPT


Articles to support our understandings of the BASICS that form the foundation for success with learning mathematics. Memorizing the facts is not the starting point, neither is counting by ones to 100. In fact telling kids to just do equations is like telling them to just memorize all the words on the page and they will then be able to read. If we want students to be successful we must provide the fundamentals of learning that they are no longer experiencing in their day to day life. You cannot memorize facts when you do not have any of the BASIC SKILLS required in order to learn, to reason and think, to RECALL and APPLY. This is the true learning of this decade. We cannot teach as we were taught, sorry.

BE THE CHANGE, as a teacher EVOLVE or go EXTINCT.


Articles to read for deeper understanding:

Seeing Relationships Newcombe

Number Sense Faulkner

JJ Greenwood Amazing

It’s the teaching, stupid

Arithmetic for First Grade Kamii G123 TCM 2008

Developing the big ideas of number  Parts are awesome

Maths as storytelling 


If you wish access to dot collection power points and some sample Quickdraws in order to get started with your students please email me and I will forward.

These two tasks are in some ways part of the “phonics of math.”


Session Two: Diagnostics, Assessments, Evaluations

Diagnostics Session PPT


CTKN title

NO, The 189.70  price is not correct. The used book prices are more like the Canadian cost. Grayson self publishes. Check his website at   or contact me


The used book prices are more like the Canadian cost. Grayson self publishes. Check his website at   or contact me

You can purchase a CD with just the tasks but the book gives you the understanding of how and why you are doing the tasks.

QD title

Visit Grayson’s site for the book which I believe is still available in hard copy.


There is also an ebook but read only.  If you cannot find what you want contact me and I may be able to get you copies of the materials.


Session Three: PPTs

Multiplicative Reasoning Sturgeon

Practice the Distributive Property Grade 4 and Up

I created a powerpoint to talk you through the task we did with distribution. Remember the focus is on understanding and demonstrating the distributive property. This task is not about finding products. Make that clear to students. It will become a way to practice but not at first. We want every student to experience success. Support for Distributive Practice

I have attached here 4 practice sheets. This is just a sample to support your getting started. We can build on these tasks once your class have given it a try for 5 or more days. The powerpoint covers the first 3 sessions then you can use these sheets for at least 4 more practice rounds, likely more. Practice distribution samples


There are 2 goals. Build fluency and confidence with distributive property. You can manipulate and factor in your head. This is a BASIC SKILL that supports recall and algebraic reasoning.

Regular practice with multiplication facts that requires students to constantly puzzle and engage is more likely to build recall that lasts. The brain is associative. When we consistently require students to think and reason as they practice the cognitive pathways are strengthened. The cutting, rotating, diagramming and recording all contribute to the connections that build recall.  “Until you can do it blindfold, you must practice Padawan”.

I also suggested a Folding PPT which I have attached here. It is quite simple and straightforward. The first goal is to internalize the folds. You just see and know where to fold for thirds, fifths, sixths. This is a “common sense” knowledge that supports much deeper, richer ideas. But first we need to master it. This is a BASIC SKILL that supports recall