Chunkitz, Rods, Dots & Blocks


Subtraction Making you Crazy? STOP and learn the facts.

May 8  Pre- K to 3  GP


Grande Prairie Alliance Church
15502 – 102 Street, Grande Prairie AB T8X 0J6
Room 5&6

Doors open 8:40

Workshop begins 9:00 am

Dot, Blocks, ChunkZ and Rods: Common Sense to Number Sense to Subtraction Facts to 100.

Wan’ em to learn, teach’ em to remember.

This workshop will provide participants with a common sense approach to developing a year long plan at each of the grade levels to support consistent  attention to building the reasoning and remembering skills required for recall of  what we like to call “basic” addition and subtraction facts for numbers to 10, to 20, to 100.

WC for ten cardDot and blocks are readily available models that can be used tomorrow but both have their limits. One of which is the ease with which students may be simply counting very quickly by ones. In order to truly develop the fluency and recall that lead to “mastery” students need to practice thinking in “units” or collections.

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 9.35.07 PM

ChunkitZ and Cuisenaire Rods challenge studets to think in units and sets. Both form the foundation for moving to empty numberlines and bar models. (highly effective research supported models for building memory skills and mental fluency.IMG_7294




Subtraction making you CRAZY…. I will tell you why. And more important, how to teach so that every student can be successful. Materials package includes ready to use items to get started tomorrow.

Looking for ideas to support your math centres? independent learners? differentiation? guided math planning? You will get them here!