The Saturday Series

Literacy , Numeracy,  Science, the ARTS

Communication, Connections, Critical Thinking: Infuse reasoning, thinking and problem solving into everything with a focus on Visual Spatial Reasoning: the foundation for success with RECALL, LONG TERM RETENTION, TRANSFER of any CONTENT you consider basic facts for success.

We will link it all in these engaging, 3 hour Saturday sessions. Designed the the busy professional who craves opportunities to constantly be LEARNING but hates planning for time out of the classroom.

NO SUBS NO SUB PLANS  but great ideas, great books, great tasks, great colleagues.

Grab a coffee, munch a muffin.

I call them THINKER RINGS.

Thinking101 is hosting a series in Calgary, Edmonton and Grande Prairie across the school year for 2017-2018.

The dates are being settled as you read this. Check back soon