THINKING101. So many minds, so little time

A key to student engagement, puzzling in the math classroom. A foundational “basic skill” reasoning proportionally.

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Cool Fractions eighteenths
Visual spatial models for equivalent fractions engage all learners. Build understanding by connecting imagery to the symbols, identify the patterns in the data, then practice as facts.

In a Thinking 101 Classroom, the teacher knows that visual spatial models support learning that lasts. Students build recall of facts alongside their ability to think, to reason and to know when and how to apply known facts in order to solve new and novel problems. 

In a Thinking101 classroom, students know how to “get” the answer AND how to PROVE it is correct.

Geri , Your materials that connect the imagery of Area models to multiplication and beyond are awesome – And so perfect for setting up the work for Junior- Senior High. Incredible alignment. This is all streamlined so beautifully. Love the flexible thinking this encourages – demands! – and the common sense approaches it develops. James Tanton, PhD

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