Changing Curriculum will not change student engagement, student knowledge, student success.

TEACHERS and the WAY THEY TEACH. That is what will change results for students.

Teachers who teach students how to think, reason, remember and recall.

Teachers who teach students how to communicate, connect and critically think.

Teachers who continue to study and evaluate their own practise. Teachers who understand that every human brain seeks always to understand.

This Summer… Join the Evolution!!! Registration is still open.

2018 planning is already begun. Special guests Steve Jenkins and Robyn Page… science, math, literacy  we will explore it all. Start planning.


Summer Institutes 2017

CHANGE ACHIEVEMENT BY CHANGING MINDS. Do you know the power of imagery to change student achievement at all levels of learning?IMG_7285

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Spatial reasoning skills have been identified as the number one precursor to achievement in math and science. Infographics, Mentor Images, Computational Thinking all are attempts to access spatial reasoning.

These are not add ons, they are the understandings that have evolved as we study learning, teaching and content. Join the evolution: teachers learning from the present, and daring to anticipate the future.

 That’s the challenge when you work with Thinking101.