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THE EVOLUTION CONTINUES. Join us for 3 and 5 day investigations into how we teach anything and everything with a focus on thinking, reasoning and problem solving but still make sure that learners build a strong repertoire of basic facts, procedures and vocabulary.

It is not either or…. it is teaching that builds thinking skills while it focuses on coming to know important procedures, rules and properties, concepts and skills, facts and figures.

INFOGRAPHICS is the literacy of the Internet…. we can turn it to our advantage when teaching math and science BASICS. animals-by-the-numbersLiteracy is everywhere. We must teach so that students want to learn more, not less.


COMPUTATIONAL THINKING  is not “coding”. Coding is like phonics, it is one small piece of a huge complex puzzle.

Let’s connect the best of every new initiative into a comprehensive package.

BALANCED MATH is not kids working on their own in math booklets.

THE POWER OF IMAGERY to connect every learner from every level is astounding. This summer learn about MENTOR IMAGES and how along with MENTOR TEXT they help us connect literacy, numeracy and scientific literacy.

What tasks will have long range impact on school and life achievement?

What tasks would you encourage your fellow teachers and administrators to place on their lists? Are those tasks linked to the skills and attitudes that develop healthy, happy, intelligent humans capable of making rational and reasoned decisions?

Summer Institutes 2017

CHANGE ACHIEVEMENT BY CHANGING MINDS. Do you know the power of imagery to change student achievement at all levels of learning?IMG_7285

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Spatial reasoning skills have been identified as the number one precursor to achievement in math and science. Infographics, Mentor Images, Computational Thinking all are attempts to access spatial reasoning.

These are not add ons, they are the understandings that have evolved as we study learning, teaching and content. Join the evolution: teachers learning from the present, and daring to anticipate the future.

 That’s the challenge when you work with Thinking101.